You can bring the Judson University Choir to your church

Dear Friends,

Hope you are all doing well. I am sure you have all heard the great news that I am returning to my alma mater Judson University as Artist-in-Residence in their Center for Worship in the Performing Arts. I am very excited and eagerly anticipating all that God has in store for the CWPA.

Here is more great news.

You can bring the Judson University Choir to your church. The Choir does a few tours each year and director Dr.Warren Anderson would love to save a day for your church. I know you will be blessed, inspired, and encouraged, and you will leave the concert knowing you experienced true worship.

As you can tell I am excited about the Choir because they are off the chart good 🙂

[youtube id=”kQKsE3nOUOY”]

To book the choir please contact:
Dr. Warren Anderson
Judson University
1151 North State St
Elgin IL 60123
847 628 1570

That’s not the only good news. I have more. I am sure you are saying, “There is more?” Yes, you are right! I have more and I am glad you asked 🙂

January 2017 I will taking a cruise to the Caribbean with Judson University Alumni and Friends. You are all invited.

Don’t you feel the Lord calling you to the Caribbean during the month of January?

Think of it this way. Chicago: 20 degrees below zero. Jamaica: 80 degree Fahrenheit. Are you feeling the call? I know I do 🙂 This tour is for everyone, so all my friends around the world, start making plans right now. Here is a link with all the information you need.

If you can’t make the cruise or any of the concerts but would like to support the Choir or Judson University, you can do so by making a donation. The process is simple just contact the University

Giving to Judson | Judson University Christian College

If you insist on giving the school one million dollars for the CWPA, who am I to argue with you All gifts are welcome no matter the size. God bless you richly and thanks for all your support over the years. Thanks in advance for your support of Judson.