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Ministry Update / Franklin Graham Tbilisi Festival

Dear Friends,

What a mighty God we serve. Thank you for all your prayers for the Franklin Graham Festival in Tbilisi. It was one incredible week but also a week of intense spiritual warfare.

God’s timing is very interesting, and there is no doubt in my mind that He wanted us in this nation at this specific time in world history.

Tbilisi is a major city in the Republic of Georgia (part of the former Soviet Union). It’s bordered by Russia to the north, Turkey to the south and the Black Sea to the west. That part of the world has been in the news lately. Crimea, one of the major provinces in Ukraine, broke away and joined Russia. A few years earlier Russia annexed Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia so we knew we were walking into a hot spot.

It takes years to plan a festival, and when the ...

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Festival of Hope in Tbilisi, Georgia

God is opening doors for the Gospel across the globe, I’m excited about the “Festival of Hope” this upcoming June 6-8th.

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What a Mighty God we Serve

Dear friends,

What a mighty God we serve. In looking back at 2013, we have so much to give God thanks for. Many changes all around and we are grateful to our awesome God for His sustaining power. We did quite a bit of traveling and give God thanks for all the people who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We know heaven is rejoicing.

Ministry Update

There are many changes taking place at the Huntley Brown Ministries. For many years, Huntley felt the call to preach. In a sense he has been preaching from the piano, but the last few years he has felt the call to become a pastor. As a result he has been preaching more and we are praying for clear direction from God regarding the next step as a pastor or an evangelist...

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To God be the Praise

Dear Friends,

God is a good God and He certainly hears and answers prayer.

I just returned from one incredible Festival with Franklin Graham and team in Budapest Hungary. The churches were united, the prayer covering was in place and people were standing in faith waiting for a mighty move of God. God heard all our prayers and as a result 2,727 people gave their hearts to Jesus. Can I get an Amen 🙂

My first visit to Hungary was in 1988 with Dr Ed Thompson and the Judson College choir. At that time Hungary was a communist nation. I remember Dr Ed talking to us about what we could say. He knew saying the wrong thing could have resulted in us being arrested.

Hungary has seen many dark days but this weekend the light of Jesus brightened the nation and many lives were transformed.

Looking ove...

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The Music of Huntley Brown

Hailed as a musician whose work is inspired, anointed, powerful and explosive, Huntley Brown is a Christian concert pianist whose versatile repertoire includes classical, jazz, gospel, reggae and many other styles.

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