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Summit For Persecuted Christians

I was honored to be the pianist for the recently completed ” Summit For Persecuted Christians.” Following the summit I tried a few times to write down some reflections but had difficulty. Saying I was blessed, challenged, motivated and encouraged are just a few of the words that come to mind. Ravi Zacharias summed up my feelings when he said he was humbled and did not feel worthy to address this group.

Hearing first hand accounts of unimaginable suffering really impacted me.

Franklin Graham wrote this on his face book page.

>>>At this World Summit, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and talking with many who have experienced the horrors of persecution firsthand. Today I met a woman from Iran whose father was hanged to death because of his faith...

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Concert Invitation For Covenant Christian School – March 25

Dear Friends,

Its time again for the annual fundraising concert for Covenant Christian School in Aurora IL.

International Pianist Huntley Brown is Back to Perform at Covenant Christian School 2017 CCS Annual Spring Benefit Concert Satu

The concert will be held on Saturday March 25 @ 6:00 PM

Concert Venue!!
West Aurora High School Auditorium
1201 W. New York St Door # 19
Aurora IL 60506

Tickets for the concert can be obtained by calling the school at 630 801 7955. The tickets are free but a free will offering will be taken at the concert.

If you are unable to make the concert but would like to make a donation to help the school, you may do so by making a check payable to Covenant Christian School.

The schools address is:

Covenant Christian School
10 North Edgelawn Dr
Aurora IL 6050...

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International pianist instrumental in small school’s success

By Denise Crosby / The Beacon-News

I’m sitting here at my desk, fingers perched anxiously atop the computer keyboard, waiting for inspiration.

Nothing less will suffice when writing about Huntley Brown, an international Christian concert pianist who, whether he’s performing at Carnegie Hall, a peace summit in war-torn Belfast or a maximum security prison, has changed lives through the magic of his own fingers that dance with such passion across they keyboard of a piano.

Many of you are familiar with Brown. If you’ve heard his music or met the 53-year-old native Jamaican with the distinctive accent and wide smile over the decades he’s lived here in Aurora, you would not forget him.

But I’ll bet there are also plenty of readers who have no idea who I’m talking about...

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Huntley’s Response To Christian Musician Who Turned Atheist

Dear Friends,

After reading where George Perdikis one of the co-founder of the group Newsboys said he is an atheist, I got concerned and wondered how many other Christian musicians are out there questioning their faith. I also got concerned when he said he figures only one out of 10 Christian bands he toured with were actual Christians. If true we are in trouble.

I will attach the article at the end of my perspective.

The problem outlined is not isolated to musicians only, I am sure just about everyone knows someone with questions about their beliefs.

I am writing a book on deception and in this book I tackle a few important questions:

  1. Why do you believe what you believe?
  2. How do you know what you believe is true?
  3. What litmus test do you use to come to truth?

Plus many more.


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Ministry Update / Franklin Graham Tbilisi Festival

Dear Friends,

What a mighty God we serve. Thank you for all your prayers for the Franklin Graham Festival in Tbilisi. It was one incredible week but also a week of intense spiritual warfare.

God’s timing is very interesting, and there is no doubt in my mind that He wanted us in this nation at this specific time in world history.

Tbilisi is a major city in the Republic of Georgia (part of the former Soviet Union). It’s bordered by Russia to the north, Turkey to the south and the Black Sea to the west. That part of the world has been in the news lately. Crimea, one of the major provinces in Ukraine, broke away and joined Russia. A few years earlier Russia annexed Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia so we knew we were walking into a hot spot.

It takes years to plan a festival, and when the ...

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